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How the internet works

Use these videos to define the vocabulary and answer the questions about the internet

2 years in the making, this series of short videos explains How the Internet Works from

# time Title key vocabulary key concepts
1 3:45 What is the Internet? Internet, Arpanet, Network
  1. What is the Internet?
  2. Who has central control over the internet?
  3. Why was it created?
2 6:42 The Internet: Wires, Cables & Wifi Bits, Bandwidth, Latency, Fiberoptic, Ethernet, Wifi
  1. What are some ways that bits move on the internet?
  2. How are bandwidth and latency different?


3 6:45 The Internet: IP Addresses & DNS IP, IP Address,  ISP, DNS, Spoofing
  1. Describe how an IP address and DNS are connected.
  2. Can anything go wrong when information is requested from a domain on the internet?
4 6:26 The Internet: Packets, Routing & Reliability Server, dedicated connection, protocol, architecture, packet, IP packet, routers,  IP (internet protocol), fault tolerant, redundancy, reliability of the internet, TCP, scalable  8. How does information get to your computer from the internet when you type in the address of a webpage?
5 7:07 The Internet: HTTP & HTML HTTP, HTML, DNS, browser, TCP/IP, URL, SSL, TLS, digital certificate

 9. How do GET and POST requests work in the background to send and deliver information online?

10. What is the purpose of cookies and where are they stored?

11. How can you check that your information is being sent securely to a legitimate website?

6 6:40 The Internet: Encryption & Public Keys Encryption, description, algorithm, key, symmetric encryption, SSL, TLS, public key, private key

 12. How is a key used to ensure that information sent online is not easily hacked?

13. How is modern encryption made complicated enough to ensure that it is secure?

7 5:02 The Internet: Cybersecurity & Crime  Cybercrime, viruses, DOS attack, hacker, bot net, DDOS, phishing scam

 14. What is a computer virus?

15. What is the cause of most successful hacking and how can you best protect your work online?

8 5:13 The Internet: How Search Works  

Search engine, Ranking, spider, hyperlink, Machine learning and AI


16. How does a search engine organize information on the internet so it can be easily found quickly?

17. What techniques do search algorithms use to more efficiently deliver the results they think that you want?

In addition, the topic of cybersecurity is important.

Use these resources to answer questions related to cybersecurity

 Resource vocabulary questions
 The five pillars of cybersecurity    
 Different kinds of cyber attacks explained    


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