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BirdBrain Technologies; Finch and Hummingbird Robots


The Hummingbird and the Finch are the robots created by BirdBrain Technologies.

Finch robots, students of all ages (kindergarten through high school) can watch their code come to life.

Finch is a robot that brings computer science to life by providing students with an engaging, hands-on representation of their code. There are learning materials for programming and classroom activities. The Finch is recommended for students from kindergarten to college and can be programmed in MANY different languages including  FinchBlox, BirdBlox, Snap!, MakeCode / JavaScript, Python, Java, Swift, and Kotlin. Robots are around $100+ but class sets are available to educators on  loan FREE of charge. 


Hummingbird robots allow students in fourth grade  through high school to use any materials to build a personally meaningful robot. 

 Hummingbird  Robotics Kit consists of lights, motors, and sensors and is an easy-to-use, creative robotics tool that allows students to design, build, and program a personally meaningful robot out of any materials, with any device, in multiple programming languages BirdBlox, Snap!, MakeCode / JavaScript, Python, Java, Swift, Kotlin.There are free learning materials for classroom projects, robot building, programming, classroom integration, and professional development. Hummingbirds are recommended for students from 4th to 12th grade. 

Watch as Tom Lauwers, Founder and CEO of BirdBrain Technologies, describes how creativity can thrive when students use the Hummingbird Robot (and describes a little about the Finches as well). 

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