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If you are teaching AP CS-A Java

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As there is just an FRQ exam this year, I thought I'd share the videos where I walked through and solved some past ones. Feel free to share with students.

Solution Videos:   2019   2018   2017


This is Art Lopez from Sweetwater High School from National City, CA and in the county of San Diego, CA. I work closely with Beth Simon, and tried out the videos she provided in combination:
  • with having a printed copy of the FRQ for the students.
  • CS Awesome 5.13 FRQ for Classes opened
  • White boards
  • implementing collaboration by having students work in groups of two to three to figure out each section together
  • large class discussion to check for understanding of writing code for each section
What I did first was view the video and followed Beth's suggestions for completing the FRQ in CS Awesome on my own. Then I tried it out with my students incorporating the bulleted list items. I have many English Language Learners in my class, and most of them took AP CS Principles first before taking AP CS A.
I found out that by focusing on one section at a time, guided by Beth's videos, allowing students a certain time limit to first try to figure out and attempt to write their answers on a separate sheet of paper or their white boards, then have them turn and talk with their groups, come to a consensus of what their group thought the best solution or code for answering the question should be; we then discuss as a class the code that should be written as outlined and guided by both Beth's videos and CS Awesome 5.13.
This took between 3.5 to 4.5 hours, but well worth the time. My students took an exam right before we closed down the school, but as I am grading an FRQ that a colleague of mine, Devon Senneseth wrote that is very similar to the StepTracker FRQ, and I am checking that what the students wrote and am finding out that the students realize that they can get points by writing the instance variables and method headers correctly.
I highly recommend using Beth's videos in combination with the CS Awesome 5.13. I also am providing a screen shot on a Google slide of the code tracing that Beth demonstrates in the video FRQ: Step Tracker Part 3.:
Please feel free to make a copy and use.
I also have provided my students the following document to practice writing code or turn in as an assignment (again, please feel free to copy and use):
As of March 2020
Beth Simon from UCSD is making her in-service teacher courses available for free for a month (or???) just as PD.  A lot of teachers are home and not allowed to teach (other than their own kids).  If they start and want to pay for credit later, we'll handle that.
  • Teaching Impacts of Technology
  • Teaching Computational Thinking and Block-Based Programming
  • Teaching Java with CS Awesome
Once you have access to the course, you should be able to use these links to go directly to my "Teacher PowerUp" section on Unit 5 FRQs.

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