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CyberStart in Maryland

Schedule for CyberStart America (includes Girls Go CyberStart and the open division and the program for JROTC schools)
10/30 Press announcement; governors’ press releases, and more to start building a buzz.
11/12 CSIS will host the launch of CyberStart America and the new Scholarship program with a workshop featuring two senators, the FBI cyber director, DHS, three students whose lives were changed by the program, and others.
11/15 Play starts (and stays open for nearly 4 months — with the finals in March)
12/9 Computer Science Teachers Association will launch their cyber honor society program with CyberStart America during National Computer Science Week
Weekly leader board updates of states and schools that have the most students playing and making progress and the number qualifying for the national scholarship round.
There is a new scholarship program and a game to use that will let students discover whether they might be great in cyber roles.  Here’s what teachers and  student said about last year’s program; this year it is open to every high school student (boys and girls) in your district:
“I cannot express enough my gratitude for bringing this program to my state of Wyoming.  I teach at the alternative school for our district and before I recruited girls to be a part of this wonderful program, I struggled to get girls to realize they could be computer scientists.  I had girls actually saying they were too stupid to do this until I said, “Just try it”.  Some of my girls found out they were good at puzzles, some found out they liked programming, in all I now have girls who are asking our counselor about computer science degrees at our local community college.  I will participate every year it is offered and will look at the resources you posted.  I teach science and have incorporated programming and other areas of computer science into every one of my classes. My girls are now talking to others about how to do these assignments.  They are becoming leaders all because of a short experience. Please continue this program.  My girls want another shot at first place!”  (Mrs. Sharon Seaton, Black Butte High School, Wyoming)
This contest was fantastic! Our kids absolutely loved competing. For the first time ever, I had students asking me if they could come in on a Saturday :)   Those who didn't participate were also enthralled watching their classmates solve puzzles and capture flags. I have no doubt that our participation would double if offered again.  Thank you again!​ (Justin M. Serota, Teacher, Assistant Coach - Track & Field, North County HS , Maryland)
And from one of the students Maya A. who participated in 2018 and 2019.
"I won the CyberStart scholarship my junior year of high school, and went on to learn more about cybersecurity myself and got more people in my school involved. Over the summer I interned at a non-profit’s IT dept. and made it a point to learn about their cybersecurity measures and talk to the department head about how to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Senior year I was the first cybersecurity officer for my school’s computer science club.  I’m now a freshman in college at Texas A&M, and I’m learning to get certified in linux and aws, as well as learning networking from a Cybersecurity Club officer with the intent to carry on his mentorship to future students.  Everything I’ve mentioned above was sparked by CyberStart. It introduced me to cybersecurity, and showed me how fun and engaging it can be, which inspired me to learn more. Before CyberStart, I’d already known that I wanted to study computer science but had no idea what kind of work I wanted to do once I complete my degree. It’s really not an exaggeration for me to say that CyberStart changed my life. "
For more information contact Alan Paller
Director of Research, SANS Institute:  apaller at sans dot edu

Dianne O'Grady-Cunniff, dogrady at usmd dot edu
Director, Maryland Center for Computing Education

Dr. Megean Garvin, mgarvin at usmd dot edu
Director of Research, Maryland Center for Computing Education

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