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Student review: Ozaria

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The Orzaria Gauntlet Game is a very fun and interesting coding game. You go through different coding challenges to defeat the darkness while learning about the different characters and lines of code you can create. We think that this game will be a good coding activity for middle schoolers because you can learn how to code through different levels and stages while having fun at the same time. Although the game has some challenging parts, we still think that it can teach you a lot of different things.

One thing we like about this game is that you can actually type the codes which helps you understand the importance of writing a code correctly and how it can affect your program. You can also drag and drop the parts of a different line of code such as the base, the subject, and the object to learn how to write the type of code and what it will do to your character. Another thing we like about this game is the storyline. It makes the game more interesting, especially with the videos and animation. The game also has a “code bank” which helps you see all of the codes in the game and can be very useful if you forget how to write a line of code. One final thing we like about this game is that it gives you feedback. In the game, when you run your program, you will get feedback on what’s wrong in your program and how to fix it. For example, if we wrote “helper .moveright()” instead of “helper .moveRight”, the game will tell us what part in our line of code we got wrong and how to fix it. Some recommendations we have for this game is that the game is best played on a computer and it is important to focus while playing it so you don’t get confused or off track.

Overall, we rate this game a 7.5 out of 10. In conclusion, we think that Orzaria coding game will be a very fun and helpful coding activity for middle schoolers to use.


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