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CS in Preservice

The Panel

  1. Mahnaz Moallem - Towson U. Connections between many projects - Education
  2. Linda Cooper - secondary Math & Director of Towson UTeach which is TU's teacher prep program for secondary level math, science, and CS - Admin/Logistics, 
  3. Mike Flinn - CS faculty at Frostberg doing CS Education outreach and K-12 teacher support for over a decade
  4. Lori Sheetz - Private School Perspective - core math sequence and science, math, and social studies methods, pre-service teacher workshop series, professional development workshops for university faculty, mentor teachers, and university supervisors
  5. Amy Green - Preservice Education Perspective (ES science methods)  - CSforAll grant integrating CS into NGSS curriculum. Focus on CS/CT for Conservation/Sustainability/Environmental Literacy Education 
  6. Renuka Kumar - in CS Dept - Community college - early in the implementation - integrating into education classes - 2+2 pathway with Towson

Chat Moderator: Irene A. Bal, Loyola; Panel Moderator: Dianne O'Grady Cunniff, MCCE; Photographer: Abena Njeeri, MCCE


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  1. Generating buy-in for CS/CT can be difficult, especially for audiences of educators who did not learn CS/CT in school themselves, and/or for educators for whom CS/CT is not already a required part of their instructional program. What do your audience [ e.g., preservice, in-service] seem to identify as the biggest challenges or barriers to:
    • a) reaching a comfort level with the core ideas/skills of CS/CT in order to teach others and
    • b) implementing it
    • How have you supported them to resolve those challenges?
    • What are your biggest challenges (and solutions?) on a system level and what strategies do you suggest?
  2. What best practices have you encountered for supporting diverse learners in CS/CT. For example,  emergent multilingual students in CS (e.g. students learning CS in a language other than their first) 
  3. What have you done in your classes to introduce preservice students to CS and CT?


Dianne O'Grady-Cunniff, dogrady at usmd dot edu
Director, Maryland Center for Computing Education

Dr. Megean Garvin, mgarvin at usmd dot edu
Director of Research, Maryland Center for Computing Education

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