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Online resources for AP CS teachers


The CS-P exam will have NO multiple-choice exam, students will send in their performance tasks electronically. Submissions must be received by May 26. If you were using a programming language that is not supported by the devices students have at home (phones, tablet, Chromebooks, etc.) then consider using, or CodeHS, which are both free

The CS-A exam will only cover units 1-7 (excluding 8-10) and be ONLINE this year with 2 choices of testing date for students. In addition, the college board will provide online study resources.


Supporting students without online resources

If your students need mobile tools or connectivity, you can reach out to the College Board directly to let them know.

Bits and bytes has free paper packets for csa and csp 


Do you need online meeting capabilities?

Many online platforms are offering free teacher accounts. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR DISTRICT POLICIES about online meetings and student privacy.

You can possibly use Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Microsoft TEAMS, Zoom, WebEx, Skype, and others. 

Teaching resources

APQuestionBankBits and bytes has free paper packets for csa and csp 

CSTA offers a list of resources as well 

The College Board offers webinars and the online question banks.


Create task: Consider using if you're using Python or Java, and, or CodeHS, which are both free

Although there is no multiple-choice exam this year, these make great assignments for students


Consider using  or CodeHS, which are both free and allow students to program from a variety of devices.

Highly Recommended: Use CSAwesome. To learn more, watch this video about the free CSAwesome Runestone instructor features with these slides that cover making a custom course, checking student progress, making assignments, and grading. There is also a lot of help on this on the and runestone instructor guide sites, but this puts everything together in 1 video with specific tips for CSAwesome. is providing resources to support all of their classes

Need some help and suggestions from experienced teachers? Join the MCCE Mentor program to talk with another teacher in the state about preparing your students for the AP CS exams. (coming soon)


Creating collaborative assignments

Do you want to collaborate with others who are also developing resources for remote teaching? Sign up using your school email address and we will create collaborative workgroups so teachers don’t all have to create alone


Additional resources

CSTA curated resources for online teaching and teaching about coronavirus

This resource is constantly being updated with, join the FaceBook group for more info

Article on integrating CS into your plans

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