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CS Matters Teacher Workshop Schedule for Online Assignments                                       

Teachers are expected to spend approximately 4 hours a week on CS Matters lessons

Week Lesson Activities to complete on your own Topic Summary Synchronous online activity Links
Week 1 Python: Loops (prog-01a) Do the online Python exercises on thinkcspy Ch 4 & 8.1-8.3 Python Loop lessons n/a"}">
Week 2 Python: Conditionals and Functions (PROG-01a) Do the online Python exercises on thinkcspy Ch 6 & Ch 7 Functions, Conditionals, Logical Expressions. Focus on how to teach it effectively Group meetup to discuss potential misconceptions and struggles in learning Python "}">
Week 3 Python: Strings and Lists (PROG-01a) Do the online Python exercises on thinkcspy Ch 9 & Ch 10 Runestone Interactive CS Matters Unit 2 Lists and Strings n/a","Data Abstraction: Strings and Lists")">Data Abstraction: Strings and Lists
Week 4
Bits, Binary, and Hex (CL-01a) Bits/Binary/Hex (Lesson 1-4): Teacher Mastery Binary and Number Systems
Group meeting to review concepts and share additional ideas and resources for number systems and cryptography","folder")">folder
Cybersecurity and Cryptography (CL-02a) Review Lesson 3-10, Review crypto material (3-11,12) Introduction to Unit 3 Cryptography  
Week 5
Data Analysis II (CL-05a) Introduction to DataQuest (25 min) Introduction to Earsketch (25 min) Choose one to experiment with as a possible Create Task environment: EarSketch or DataQuest
n/a","Create Performance Development")">Create Performance Development
Teaching Technical Writing (PED-04a) Read through Teaching Technical Writing. If possible, try an activity with a current class Writing in computer classes omit? or just teach about technical communication? (making a good video for the create task?)
Week 6
Data Acquisition: Modeling and Simulation (CL-04a) Unit 4 - Lessons 4-1 and 4-2 Acquiring and analyzing data, Modeling and Simulation
Python: Simulation, File I/O and Data Analysis (PROG-07prog) Focus on simulation and data analysis","Python File IO and Statistical Analysis DataQuest Mission")">Python File IO and Statistical Analysis DataQuest Mission Beginner-Ch 16/17 in CSP (Runestone)
Week 7 Unit 5 Lesson Prep (LPTO 05teach) Unit 5 lesson prep to teach each other and design individual adaptations. Prepare lessons in pairs or groups online collaboratively then present to the group in an online meeting allowing time after each for reflection and sharing ideas & needs. Describe teaching strategies to engage all students Unit 5: Manipulating large data, searching and sorting Group meeting in Zoom (might be broken into groups) to share lesson presentation additions, customizations and ideas. Comment on the level of existing resources for the level of your students Identify learning outcomes, How will you get them there? How will you assess students? Present an activity from the lesson. This timing works if two groups present in one room and the other two groups present in another room at the same time. Separate rooms can be set up in Zoom
Week 8 Diversity and Differentiated Instruction (PED-02a) Diversity/Differentiated Instruction /Access 10K; discussion of classroom practices that support diverse populations Equity and Access Final group meeting to share classroom practices and recruitment strategies for diverse participation Exercises & Worksheets for CS Access 10K
32 hours
Approximately 4 hours a week of online work for 8 weeks

Dianne O'Grady-Cunniff, dogrady at usmd dot edu
Director, Maryland Center for Computing Education

Dr. Megean Garvin, mgarvin at usmd dot edu
Director of Research, Maryland Center for Computing Education

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