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Edison Programmable Robot


  • Inexpensive
  • Three different levels of coding - Block, Scratch, Python
  • Works in any computer with headphone jack port
  • No login, no PII


  • Don’t work perfectly
  • Batteries - purchase rechargeable

Who can use it? (all students/ what ages/etc.)

  • Anyone who can code in block, scratch, or python - All levels

Is there prerequisite knowledge for the students?

  • None

What type of teacher support is available?

Are ready to use lesson plans provided? Is there a sequence or curriculum?

Are there formative assessments? summative assessments? projects with rubrics?

  • Teachers use certificates found in the resources - See below

How much time can/does it take as designed? (year/semester/special projects/more resources than can be useful) 

  • We usually do a unit which takes about 2 weeks of classtime.

What equipment is needed?

  • Edisonbots, recommended rechargeable batteries, flat surface - not carpet works best.
  • Could use Tape or large poster paper to draw roads and challenges

What is the cost to implement? - 10 Pack $369 - 

Is it best used by itself or integrated with other content areas?

  • Either way depends on the creativity of the teacher.

Dianne O'Grady-Cunniff, dogrady at usmd dot edu
Director, Maryland Center for Computing Education

Dr. Megean Garvin, mgarvin at usmd dot edu
Director of Research, Maryland Center for Computing Education

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