Ongoing professional development and support is available throughout the year. Sign up for sessions and classes now.

MCCE Mentor Program and New Teacher Support


Ongoing Support

Are you teaching a new computer science class? Would you like to join a group of peers with an experienced teacher who can provide ideas, resources, help, and support? Sign up to connect with a mentor, join monthly support sessions, or just in time session by class. 


MENTOR PROGRAM: Connect with an experienced teacher who will answer your questions by email and meet with you if needed to help you work through any problems in the beginning of the year. Register to receive a mentor using this application.  Returning Fall 2021.

Mentor's available for: 

  1. CS Discoveries
  2. AP CS-Principles
  3. Python Programming
  4. Scratch Programming

Once you complete the application, you will receivie a confirmation email with an assigned mentor. 


MONTHLY MEET-UPS: Large groups of teachers who are all teaching the same classes get together during the school year to go over the upcoming units, share resources, and discuss challenges and solutions. Join a support program using this application. 

Currently Available for:

  1. Scratch Programming

Returning Fall 2021:

  1. Python Programming
  2. Java Programming (AP-CSA)


JUST-IN-TIME: Sessions are hosted at the beginning of each semester to help you get your class set up, gain access to all of the online materials, and go over the first unit of each course. Register using this application. Returning Fall 2021.



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