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MD Computer Science K12 standards, K-12 CS Standards by grade band or K-12 CS Standards by concept

Resources used by Maryland teachers that were demonstrated in the Playground at Hood. 

Resources by area of interest

Elementary School Middle School High School

Highly Recommended Elementary Resources

Database of lessons

Annotations of K-5 Maryland CS standards

Skill progressions for K-5 Maryland CS

Highly Recommended Mid-Level Resources

Computational Thinking in English Language Arts

Highly Recommended HS level Resources

CS Matters AP CS-Principles curriculum, 2019 version, 2020 update

 Evaluation Tool for CS Units
University Partners School District Teams Facilitators and Providers

Webinar series for preservice

CS Matters Professional Development

CS Educator standards support resources

SCRIPT process and documents

Articles about what MD districts are doing.

Standards for CS Teachers.

 PD provider rubric to reflect on alignment to CS Teacher Standards.

Featured Resources

kibo splats hummingbird
Kibo Robots for PK-2nd grade Unruly Splats: Active Coding  grades K-8 BirdBrain Robots for K-12

Other Organizations

Are you looking for ideas for online resources that could be useful for teachers and students engaged in home learning? 

Would you like recommendations for the best CS education options that you don't want to miss?

Under Development

Micro-credential workshops and badges to build teacher capacity across all areas of computer science.

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