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Local school systems: please email MCCE at usmd dot edu to request any customized webinars to support your educators. MCCE can provide support for effective online learning and platforms for communication such as Microsoft TEAMS, Google Meet, Zoom, and others.


Recorded webinars can be found on the Maryland CS Education YouTube site.



 K-12 and Praxis Study  Preservice and higher education topics

  1. Highly Engaging units for secondary students with full materials for teachers
    1. Artificial intelligence unit for the end of the year. 5/21 4:00pm. (video recording and lesson plans)
    2. Introducing a unit for high school students on election security in Maryland. 5/14 Thursday 3:30-4:30pm.  (video recording and lesson plans)
    3. Using vex robotics to engage new programmers. (coming soon)
  2. Cyber smarts for teachers - what to know about the safety of your communication online. Tom Currier, Calvert County
  3. Effective Online learning
    1. Sustaining engagement and learning in distance learning from UMGC (video recording and presentation)
    2. Making the transition to online learning. Basic considerations. (video recording and handout of top 5 tips for remote learning)
  4. Praxis Study - on the Maryland CS Education YouTube channel Praxis study playlist
    1. Computers and networks. Studying for the CS Praxis. 
    2. Pseudocode introduction for CS Praxis
    3. Impacts of computing for the Praxis
    4. Overview of the test
    5. and more.
  1. Summer 2020 workshop series
    1. 6/29: Overview: bringing education faculty into CS
    2. 7/6 K-8 Integration
    3. 7/20 Methods: integrated and standalone
    4. 7/27 Field experiences
    5. 8/3 Wrap-up and planning
  2. MD CS Summit Parts 1, 2, and 3
    1. 4/10 Hood College, Mt. St. Mary's, Loyola, Frostburg, Equity in CS. 
    2. 5/22 Washington College, St. Mary's College of MD, integration, preservice CS for all
    3. 6/12 Towson, Salisbury, Delaware, Morgan
  3.  Computing with Littles. Computer science with Pre-K to 2nd grade with Meg Ray at Cornell University.
  4. David Weintrop from UMD on Current research in K12 CS Education (video recording)
  5. Friday 2/21 12:00noon - 12:45 Beth Simon from UCSD on what programming experiences do future teachers need most?
  6. Tuesday 2/11 7pm-7:30pm The basic math behind artificial intelligence
  7. Friday 2/7 3:30pm-4:15 Cybersecurity in K12. What do K12 teachers need to know? (video recording part 1 and part 2)
  8. Friday 1/24 3:30pm-4:14 Artificial intelligence in K12. Engaging ideas on and off of the computer. (video recording - presentation)
  9. Friday 1/17 1pm Chris Stephenson Head of CS education at Google on the importance of CS in preservice programs (video recording - presentation)
  10. Friday 1/17 11am the best of tactics for teaching computer science (video recording - presentation)
  11. Friday 1/10 1 pm Jenn Rosato from the National Center for Computer Science Education (video recording - presentation)

 Presentations are at and

Effective use of tools  

Microsoft TEAMS

  1. Basics:
  2. Advanced Basics:
  3. Creating assignments (video)
  4. Adding apps and troubleshooting (video)


 coming soon.


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