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** CS Education Week  December 6-12 2021 **

700 new activites on this year!!!

Please share what you and your students are doing for CSEdWeek using #cs4md. We will curate and celebrate what schools across Maryland are doing with computer science.

The theme is #CSEverywhere to convey how CS is part of so many things that we do. 

Raise awareness for students, teachers, administrators, family, and community to see the power of computing for good. 

Want to do something different?


Engage in Hour of Code activities (available all year long):

  1. Hundreds of activities to choose from at for every age and experience! Choose among brand new and old favorites, all can be sorted by grade level, language, subject area, and experience level.
    • Most activities have a teacher guide, multiple languages, and introductory videos.
    • Many activities work on phones, tablets, and many different platforms, and there are even some that don't need a computer at all.
  2. Want a quick start? Use this choice board with videos to introduce activities and a quick link to the actual activities organized by creators and coding tools. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to effectively use the choice board.  Here is another choice board primarily for Middle School students and another from Frederick Co. MD. and yet another list of the best of the best activities from Illinois

  3. Visit for outreach and support materials. Find other CS resources other than Hour of Code in this board organized by grade level (with thanks to Arkansas) or in this well organized guide .

  4. Involve students and their families so everyone can experience computer science! Host a  Family Code Night.
  5. Here are some excellent recommendations for Hour of Code activities for Social Good
  6. Would foreign language resources be helpful? Find activities that are already translated. Download the spreadsheet to sort by Spanish or Arabic along with other languages.
  7. CodeBytes are 20 minute online lessons for all ages. Live events will be happening during the Hour of Code week!

HOUR OF CODE: Some of our favorite activities:

Dance Party

This all-time favorite is available in over 20 languages; includes teacher resources, a follow-up activity, and an offline version. 

Block-based coding; Grades 2+

Little Dot Adventure

Self-led and language-independent tutorial; trial and error, no code to type. Great for collaboration and discussion

Grades 2+ (no code to type)

Silent Teacher Hour Of Code

Our silent teacher (no words or explanations) will give you several series of challenges that will lead you to guess some rules and learn from your own mistakes.

Python; Grades 6+ 


Design a 3D robot while learning coding and computational thinking. Using shapes, translate, and rotate blocks, students construct something they can 3D print!

Block-based; Grades 2-8


Become a hero in an epic adventure and use the power of coding to defeat the darkness that has taken over the world! In the end, you'll design a playable game that you can share with your friends!

JavaScript, Python Grades 6+

Make Your Own Beats

Students explore how coding is used in music creation by building their own dynamic eight-count beats and patterns.

JavaScript; Grades 6+

Trash tag

Code your own game and raise awareness for protecting our environment.

Block-based; Grades 6+

Climate Clock

The Climate Clock counts down to a specific day in the future. After this day human-induced climate change will have caused a temperature increase of 1.5℃, which is irreversible

JavaScript; Grades 6+

Social Distancing Sprites

Learn the basics of coding in Python, then create a program that calculates the distance between two sprites to make sure they are social distancing or need to wear a mask

Python; Grades 6+

Littles, Early, and Pre-readers will enjoy (there's lots more!)

Scratch Jr. Kitten

This Read Aloud Story walks through the code for a great first project for brand new coders. From the Let's Play series.

Pre-readers to Grade 5, block-based;  tablet app, or browser * download required*. 

Code Monkey Jr.

In a world filled with captivating creatures and bright colors, join a monkey on a mission to collect bananas and unlock treasure chests

Pre-readers. block-based.

Candy Quest.

Design your own candy troll character and go on a multi-level quest for candy to help your character find its way home

Pre-readers to Grade 5, block-based; 


Beavers can swim, collect wood, and build dams. This little beaver needs your help. Use the simple blocks of code to complete the dam in the lake so the water remains calm, build a house, and make smoothies!

Pre-readers to Grade 5, block-based; Available in  Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), English, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish

Beach Cleanup

Save the beach babies! Learn to program using basic commands and clean up the beach to protect ocean life

Pre-readers to Grade 5. Can be taught in multiple languages.

Create Games with the Foos

Choose from two game kits that guide you through creating and coding a Mario-style video game using codeSpark Academy's no words interface

Pre-readers to Grade 5; choose “Schools” in the upper left-hand corner of the initial page, then choose” Hour of Code” at the bottom of the Student login page.

We rely on technology to keep us connected, but we’ve also seen how bias can divide us on the basis of race or gender. We rely on our technology to keep us informed, but we’ve also seen how easy it is to spread misinformation.  We rely on our technology to stay productive, but we’ve left behind those who don’t have access to the internet.

Dianne O'Grady-Cunniff, dogrady at usmd dot edu
Director, Maryland Center for Computing Education

Dr. Megean Garvin, mgarvin at usmd dot edu
Director of Research, Maryland Center for Computing Education

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